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Gateway Foot & Ankle Center has been serving the Clarksville, Tennessee area since August 2009. We now have offices in the Erin and Ashland City, Tennessee areas as well as the Hopkinsville and Cadiz, Kentucky areas with hospital-based foot and ankle podiatric services.

Gateway Foot & Ankle Center is proud to offer arthroscopic ankle surgery, as well as a comprehensive limb salvage/amputation prevention philosophy.

Whether your needs are ingrown or simply difficult toenails or range all the way in complexity to foot wounds/infections, deformities, flat feet, or ankle and foot fractures or sprains, Gateway Foot & Ankle Center is eager, accessible, and equipped to care for you.

Using the latest modalities, including digital x-ray and fully electronic health records, you can be assured you are receiving the best care available.




ABOUT US: 3 Health Benefits of Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic individuals experience irregular blood sugar levels in their bodies. This leads to severe swelling and soreness in their feet, especially if they do not take extra care. In fact, diabetics are susceptible to foot diseases, such as hammertoe, corns, fungal infections, blisters, bunions and chronic pains. To minimize the risk of such diseases, any diabetic or foot doctor will tell them to wear specialized diabetic shoes.

At Gateway Foot and Ankle Center, we encourage our customers to wear diabetic shoes in order to minimize the risks of such feet diseases. Other than that, there are several advantages of wearing diabetic shoes such as:

Better Blood Circulation
A loose pair of footwear leads to improper blood flow in the area. According to the American Diabetes Association, well-fitted diabetic shoes regulate blood flow among diabetic patients, which prevents foot-related diseases in the future.

Maximum Comfort
Shoes that are exclusively designed for diabetic patients are installed with plenty of padding and cushioning to improve the overall comfort level in the footwear. Not only does this accommodate the feet properly, but it also relieves the feet from any kind of pressure that may lead to swelling.


Enhanced Support and Stability
As mentioned before, diabetic patients are prone to developing hammertoe and other kinds of deformities. This leads to deteriorating balance and coordination. However, diabetic shoes are designed to stabilize the maneuverability of the individual so that they can move smoothly and without any problems. This also prevents any chances of tripping or falling, which could lead to injuries.

Are you looking for a foot doctor to help you recover from the painful swelling or sores caused by diabetes? Or are you looking for a place to buy diabetic shoes from? Either way, get in touch with Gateway Foot and Ankle Center in Clarksville, TN, for your feet care appointment!


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