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What Happens in a Foot Examination?

A Beginner’s Guide to Find a Podiatrist Near Me in Clarksville, TN

Whether you’re arthritic or diabetic, it is imperative to have a foot examination at least bi-annually or annually. A foot examination helps you detect the signs and symptoms for any further problems that might occur due to your medical condition such as neuropathy. In fact, the American Diabetes Association recommends diabetic individuals to conduct a monofilament or sensation test at least once a year to screen any kinds of severe problemspresent in your feet. In either case, here is what you can expect in a foot examination:

Monofilament Examination
Generally, a foot examination begins with a monofilament test. Here, the podiatrist presses a tiny piece of nylon finishing line to your feet. Gently, it is moved from your toes till your heels. The foot specialist will ask you to keep your eyes shut and feel the movement. Throughout the examination, you will be asked to explain the sensations you feel. In case you’re unable to feel the movement of the nylon piece or monofilament, then your feet are likely to have undergone a loss of sensation. The foot specialist will press the monofilament in a number of different spots to get an idea of the parts where you do or don’t feel any sensation.

Sensation Examination
The next step includes a sensation test. There are three kinds of sensation tests such as:
● Pinprick Test: A pin is used to touch the base of your feet to detect sensation
● Vibration Test: This test measures your feet’s sensitivity towards vibratory movements
● Ankle Reflex Test: Here, the Achilles tendon behind your ankle is tapped to test the reflex of your feet

These tests allow the podiatrist to test out your feet’s sensation, which is a sign of healthy feet. To conduct feet examinations, you will need to find a “podiatrist near me in Clarksville, TN”. If you’re looking for a “foot specialist near me in Clarksville, TN,” get in touch with our professionals at Gateway Foot and Ankle Center!